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The Sleeptime Therapy® App

more than a good night's sleep
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Children | Teens | Adults

There is something for everyone in the

Sleeptime Therapy® Library.

No matter if you are using Sleeptime Therapy® for yourself and/or your children, you will find a range of Sleeptime Activations tailor made to address the most relevant issues for each age group.

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The Magic of Story Telling

The Sleeptime Therapy® for Children includes a library of exclusive stories that have been lovingly crafted by our co-founder Dr. Caitlyn Brightmon and recorded by Sleeptime Therapy® creator Alexandra Merlo to easily and effortlessly guide you child into relaxation and sleep, ready for transformation.

Especially wonderful for developing healthy bedtime routines.

The Sky is the Limit

Take your personal transformation on the road with the bookmark your favourites and have them available for offline listing. Where will you take your Sleeptime Activations?

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About Section

More than a good night's sleep

Sleeptime Therapy® can be used during the day, and while you're awake!

It actively transforms your mental health, physical health, well-being and mindset.

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