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What is Sleeptime Therapy?

Sleeptime Therapy® is a revolutionary, accessible, easy to use therapy designed to harness the power of your brain while sleeping to effectively re-wire your beliefs, thoughts and behaviours and transform your life.

A foundation in science and research

At its core, Sleeptime Therapy® is a combination of the most effective components of neuroscience, euro-plasticity, hypnotherapy, brainwave entrainment, dynamic behavioural change, cognitive behaviour therapy, near-linguistic programming and much more.

By combining these various modality, each with its own extensive collection of research and proven results, Sleeptime Therapy® brings together the best of therapy into a simple, yet powerful vehicle to transformation.

Created to fill a need

Alexandra Merlo, a certified RTT® Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist created Sleeptime Therapy® after discovering a major unmet need for support therapy for the children that she was working with and those of her other clients.

Alex identified through her clinical practice and other research that there are alarmingly high rates of childhood trauma, mental health and emotional issues and struggles that are going untreated. This is due to a lack of data, research and support through healthcare systems, leaving parents unsupported in caring for the needs of their children.

"This is further compounded by the low levels of effective support and treatment for related mental health and emotional issues in adults later in life.

Burdened by long waiting periods, high costs of care and limits with government funding (if any at all) Alex created Sleeptime Therapy® as an attainable solution that is capable of creating real and lasting change in children of all ages as well as adults.

Tailored for each age group

Within the Sleeptime Therapy® App you will find libraries designated to children, teens and adults.

This is because each of these age groups have different needs, struggles and issues that they want to address. Further to that, we have been able to modify the Sleeptime Therapy® experience to be perfectly suited to these different age groups.

Sleeptime Therapy® for Children includes the magic of storytelling, with exclusive stories written by co-founder Dr. Caitlyn Brightmon (TCM) and narrated by Sleeptime Therapy® creator Alexandra Merlo. These stories are designed to effortlessly guide children into a deeply relaxed state ready for sleep. Most of our users report their children falling asleep before the end of the story. This has helped many develop healthy bedtime routines with their children.

Sleeptime Therapy® for Teens addresses some of the more important issues faced by teens including self-image and self-esteem, study and exam stress, peer pressure, cyber bullying, identity and purpose, performance, and being worthy and being enough.

Sleeptime Therapy® for Adults builds on this by including Sleeptime Activations around stress resilience and relief, Self worth, mindful eating, abundance and wealth mindset, overcoming change, improved productivity and focus, adaptability, and much more.

The Sleeptime Therapy® libraries are updated on a regular basis and we welcome requests and suggestions for issues and challenges that you would like to see in the future.

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